Century Batteries

In Stock Now – Australian Made Century Batteries

Is your vehicle struggling to start or not starting at all? Need a new light commercial or 4×4 battery? Do you require a specific battery for your stop/start vehicle? We can get you connected with the latest battery technology from Century Batteries today!

Here at Nudgee Automotive Services, we currently stock a wide range of quality Century Batteries to suit most applications. We are able to supply and install batteries to suit cars, stop/start vehicles, 4×4 and SUV, deep cycle, AGM, light commercial, marine and more. If we don’t have the battery you need in stock we’re often able to have one delivered to us the same or very next day!

If you think your vehicle may require a new battery then we can test your current battery and where required, supply and install a brand new Century battery. For added peace of mind Century offer Australia-wide warranty on all batteries at any Century dealer, for more on this take a look at their website https://www.centurybatteries.com.au/technical-support/warranty-information

To view the entire range using the following link

Terra Clean – Ultrasonic Air Quality Service

TerraClean Mist in-car ultrasonic air quality service.

Now available at Nudgee Automotive services!

 Specifically designed for automotive air conditioning systems in order to treat mould, mildew, unpleasant smells and bacteria in your car’s HVAC (air conditioning) system and cabin. The formula is applied through the vehicle’s air conditioning system using a specialised machine leaving a fresh and pleasant smell whilst cleaning the system of unwanted bacteria. We can carry out this convenient service for just $99.00 giving you peace of mind that your vehicle’s air conditioning is free of unhealthy bacteria and other unwanted matter.

Please note, It is recommended to fit a new cabin filter at the time of this service, this will be an additional charge for parts only. Quality cabin filters are typically priced from $25.00 to $55.00.



Holden Colorado Timing Belt

Do you own a Holden Colorado 2.8 Turbo Diesel with a Timing Belt?

The Belt is due to be changed at 150 000 km or 7.5 years. Please call us for a quote as we have the special tools required to do this job.

Thank you
The Team at Nudgee Automotive Services
07 3266 5344

VW Amarok Timing Belt

Do you own a Volkswagen Amarok?

…and is it due for the Timing belt replacement which requires replacement at 105 000km or 7 years ? Please give us a call as we have the special tooling and the experience to replace the Belt and associated components required .

Thank you
The Team at Nudgee Automotive Services
07 3266 5344

That Orange light on the Dash that looks like an engine and stays on?

This is a signal that a fault has been recognized in the Emission Control System . This is where the Scan Tool is plugged into the On Board Diagnostic Connector.

Scan Tool does not specify the exact fault with the vehicle. Scan Tool alerts us to a fault which has fallen outside the manufacturers specification and is the end result of a fault, not the start, and is only one piece of information that we require to work back from, to diagnose the problem.
Yes, we do charge a fee to plug the Scan Tool in and retrieve the Codes, as the equipment and software support that goes with these high end units costs thousands of dollars per year.
We currently use The Snap –On Modis Ultra which has great tech support and vehicle coverage.
We use Ross Tech VAG, a world leader in scanning and data for Volkswagen Auto Group Vehicles.
Our Scan tools can also access many other modules in the vehicles including Anti Lock Braking and Safety Restraint Systems, to name a few .

We also have the ability to read live data, and together with our information software providers, we can start going into deeper level diagnostics when required.
Scan tool hook up fee starts at $77.

Why should your vehicle have regular oil changes and visual inspections?

Why should your vehicle have regular oil changes and visual inspections?

It has never been more true – Oils ain’t Oils.

Believe us – Oil is the cheapest product you will put in a vehicle and with regular oil changes at 6 months or 10 000km, together with a visual inspection of the vehicle,  longevity of your vehicle is greatly increased.

We use Castrol Oil. Castrol are world leaders in Fluid Engineering and it is now more important than ever that the correct lubrication fluids are used .

Castrol supply us with great technical back up and advice.

Vehicle Servicing starts at $210 (includes comprehensive visual inspection with new oil and oil filter).

Unusual tyre wear or vehicle not tracking straight ?

The wheel alignment should be checked to ascertain if that is where the problem lies.

We have the world’s number 1 wheel alignment system to check your vehicle, whether it is a passenger car , light commercial, or 4WD .


We have 35 years experience in aligning and adjusting wheel alignments and have progressively updated our equipment as new technologies come along.

The alignment system we use is the top of the range Hunter Engineering Hawkeye Elite High Definition camera system which has proven to be very reliable and extremely accurate.

The wheel targets are patented and do not mark rims and to this date we have not had a wheel we could not fit targets to. This includes very low profile tyre/large rim lowered vehicle combinations, to large 4WD tyre /rim combinations.

The Hunter system also has Code Link which can reset many steering angle sensors which is very important on many new vehicles as it is integral with the traction control system.
There are many other features in the Hunter Alignment system such as Live Ride Height and other geometry alignment angles which can be measured.

We can check the wheel alignment and advise on action required and if there are adjustments available, or if correction kits are required.

Wheel Alignments start at $88 .

Steering wheel shake on the road?

A Wheel Balance may be required.

To further enhance our wheel servicing to the next level and to complement our Wheel Alignment expertise we have just installed the Hunter Engineering Road Force Elite Diagnostic Wheel Balancer.

This balancer can not only dynamically balance the wheel but also statically balance at the same time creating much less weight required and better location, including hidden behind spokes on Performance Rims .

Hunter have had Road Force Balancers in the motor industry for 18 years and this is the latest available and only released last year in the USA.

What is special about a Road Force Balancer is that it puts a load on the tyre while on the machine to recreate actual road loads. With this it can measure the side wall stiffness and, by laser scanning the rim, can assess the best place for the tyre on the rim.
This helps by lowering the amount of weight required for a smoother drive. The added feature is the ability to measure tyre pull so the tyres can be fitted to the vehicle in the optimum location to avoid poor tracking problems which are not alignment related.

Diagnostic Wheel Balancing starts at $33 per wheel.

Tyre Changing Equipment which complements the Alignment and Balancing Equipment.

Having high quality Wheel alignment and Wheel Balancing systems in place, we still require a high quality tyre changing machine that is capable of removing tyres safely, while avoiding rim damage. We see a huge number of rims / tyres, so we have upgraded to the Corghi Artiglio 500 leverless tyre machine.

Corghi are one of the top manufacturers of tyre machines in the world and this is one of their top end units .

We can supply and fit tyres, we can also fit and balance tyres if you have purchased them on-line.

Have you just filled up your new Diesel fueled vehicle with Petrol?

Do not be embarrassed…

It is a common mistake and in most cases we change the Filter and then we pump the contaminated fuel out and recharge with diesel and the vehicle runs fine with no detrimental effects .

This service can be straightforward but due to systems becoming more complex and with new Government Regulations in regard to the correct disposal of contaminated fuel (currently $3.30 per Litre ), each situation is different and charges may vary.
Vehicles are becoming more complex every year and we endeavor to maintain our knowledge and advise our customers correctly while providing an honest, professional service at an affordable price .

In our industry nobody can possibly know everything and this is why we spend a lot of time on training courses and networking nationally and globally with other professional Automotive Technicians.


Nudgee Automotive Services has been servicing vehicles on the North Side of Brisbane since 1991. Gary and Teresa Homan and their professional team are located in 68 Frederick Street Northgate.

We provide quality automotive repairs and servicing to most makes and models. We have continually invested in equipment and training required for the demands of a highly technical and fast paced industry. The vehicles on the road are complex with computers and electronics controlling everything from the interior light to stability control, and with so many models on the road the demands of continually being up to date are high.

We do strive for quality repairs at an affordable price utilizing the most current equipment and information databases available and affordable. As well as late models vehicles we have a vast depth of knowledge on older vehicles when spark plugs, points and carburettors were around.

Servicing local areas – Nudgee , Northgate , Virginia , Banyo , Toombul , Zillmere