Unusual tyre wear or vehicle not tracking straight ?

The wheel alignment should be checked to ascertain if that is where the problem lies.

We have the world’s number 1 wheel alignment system to check your vehicle, whether it is a passenger car , light commercial, or 4WD .


We have 35 years experience in aligning and adjusting wheel alignments and have progressively updated our equipment as new technologies come along.

The alignment system we use is the top of the range Hunter Engineering Hawkeye Elite High Definition camera system which has proven to be very reliable and extremely accurate.

The wheel targets are patented and do not mark rims and to this date we have not had a wheel we could not fit targets to. This includes very low profile tyre/large rim lowered vehicle combinations, to large 4WD tyre /rim combinations.

The Hunter system also has Code Link which can reset many steering angle sensors which is very important on many new vehicles as it is integral with the traction control system.
There are many other features in the Hunter Alignment system such as Live Ride Height and other geometry alignment angles which can be measured.

We can check the wheel alignment and advise on action required and if there are adjustments available, or if correction kits are required.

Wheel Alignments start at $88 .