Steering wheel shake on the road?

A Wheel Balance may be required.

To further enhance our wheel servicing to the next level and to complement our Wheel Alignment expertise we have just installed the Hunter Engineering Road Force Elite Diagnostic Wheel Balancer.

This balancer can not only dynamically balance the wheel but also statically balance at the same time creating much less weight required and better location, including hidden behind spokes on Performance Rims .

Hunter have had Road Force Balancers in the motor industry for 18 years and this is the latest available and only released last year in the USA.

What is special about a Road Force Balancer is that it puts a load on the tyre while on the machine to recreate actual road loads. With this it can measure the side wall stiffness and, by laser scanning the rim, can assess the best place for the tyre on the rim.
This helps by lowering the amount of weight required for a smoother drive. The added feature is the ability to measure tyre pull so the tyres can be fitted to the vehicle in the optimum location to avoid poor tracking problems which are not alignment related.

Diagnostic Wheel Balancing starts at $33 per wheel.

Tyre Changing Equipment which complements the Alignment and Balancing Equipment.

Having high quality Wheel alignment and Wheel Balancing systems in place, we still require a high quality tyre changing machine that is capable of removing tyres safely, while avoiding rim damage. We see a huge number of rims / tyres, so we have upgraded to the Corghi Artiglio 500 leverless tyre machine.

Corghi are one of the top manufacturers of tyre machines in the world and this is one of their top end units .

We can supply and fit tyres, we can also fit and balance tyres if you have purchased them on-line.