That Orange light on the Dash that looks like an engine and stays on?

This is a signal that a fault has been recognized in the Emission Control System . This is where the Scan Tool is plugged into the On Board Diagnostic Connector.

Scan Tool does not specify the exact fault with the vehicle. Scan Tool alerts us to a fault which has fallen outside the manufacturers specification and is the end result of a fault, not the start, and is only one piece of information that we require to work back from, to diagnose the problem.
Yes, we do charge a fee to plug the Scan Tool in and retrieve the Codes, as the equipment and software support that goes with these high end units costs thousands of dollars per year.
We currently use The Snap –On Modis Ultra which has great tech support and vehicle coverage.
We use Ross Tech VAG, a world leader in scanning and data for Volkswagen Auto Group Vehicles.
Our Scan tools can also access many other modules in the vehicles including Anti Lock Braking and Safety Restraint Systems, to name a few .

We also have the ability to read live data, and together with our information software providers, we can start going into deeper level diagnostics when required.
Scan tool hook up fee starts at $77.